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With over 10 years experience on local offshore vps hosting, we have become outstanding Linux SSD VPS provider in Europe!

Frequently Asked Questions

What payment methods you accept?

We accept Bitcoin , PayPal and Skrill. Our billing email is billing*@* (remove the*).

How to pay my offshore vps hosting with bitcoin?

During the checkout just select as payment method – Bitcoin . On the bottom of the invoice you will see our Bitcoin address. Once we receive the amount in our bitcoin wallet we will active your offshore vps hosting plan.

Does Linux ssd vps offer free trails?

Unfortunately we are not offering free trails. However we do provide refund for the remain period if because of our fault your server was unstable.

Does Linux SSD VPS charge any setup fee?

We don’t charge any setup fees for our offshore ssd vps plans . However we do charge setup fee for our offshore dedicated servers.

What is the cancellation rule of Linux SSD VPS?

You can cancel your plan and profile at anytime .
If you wish to cancel your plan you have to open cancelation request via our ticket system at least 5 days before the next due date.
We do not refund any reminding period.

How can access my account profile?

You can access the client area and your profile by clicking on the top right icon “CLIENT AREA”.

How long does it take to setup a new account?

All orders & payments has to pass the fraud check protection, if there is no any issue your Offshore VPS server or Offshore Dedicated server will be activated and you will receive your server details on your email. Normally it takes 4 to 24 hours.

Does Linux SSD VPS offer full managed service?

Yes we do offer full managed vps and dedicated service.

The monthly cost of this service is €50.00 and include :

  • Full managing
  • cPanel license

Does Linux SSD VPS offer remote REBOOT & OS REINSTALL?

All VPS plans comes with OpenVZ Control Panel from where you can :

  • Reboot / Stop / Start your VPS
  • Reinstall your VPS OS

Do you offer FREE DDOS protection?

Currently we are not offering free DDOS protection . However we do offer pay’d 500Gbps protection for only €20.00/mo

Does Linux ssd vps allow gaming servers hosting?

Yes , we allow you to run any gaming server on your server.

Do you allow hosting of bots or similar ?

No, currently we are not allowing bots to be hosted on our servers. If you are planning to run bots on your VPS better look for another provider. Your account will be suspended and you won’t be refunded!

Can I use your service for bulk email sending?

No, we do not allow bulk sending of unwanted emails. If we detect that you are sending massive amount of email we will suspend your account.

Do you allow adult content?

Actually we are hosting some of the famous adult sites in Europe :)
*Child porn is NOT allowed!

Can I host my phishing website with you?

No! We are not allowing any phishing , malware / hacking content!

Can I use my offshore vps as VPN?

Yes you can use your VPS as VPN but only for legal use!