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The Benefits of VPS Hosting

The Benefits of VPS Hosting are mostly explained through other articles that are enlisted in the articles menu of the site. If you have read the previous articles or you are familiar with this technology and other advantages of VPS, you then know everything to make a decision about your ideal VPS hosting company. However, here is a crash course of VPS and the benefits of using it: VPS (Virtual Private Server) has its first beginning a couple of years back making it not so young, but not so old either.

Basically, people had huge losses using dedicated servers or shared hosting as in one moment one had insufficient performance and the other had too much making it impossible gaining some profit by migrating from one to another. A solution had to be found and it did through the VPS hosting. With the cost a bit bigger than the shared hosting and the qualities of a dedicated server, it expanded fast, making a great impression on the IT world and the business world. The huge advantages of the dedicated server and the price almost similar to a shared hosting were enough for all entrepreneurs which were caught in the middle (having huge losses of customers due to insufficient resources of a shared hosting or diminishing income because of the price of a dedicated server) to migrate to VPS hosting companies. But this kind of service meant plenty of upcoming competition, which came after a while and only the strongest survived. But what does this have with our theme? Well the qualities of the hosting companies are also the benefits of the VPS. Only the companies which provide the best services in multiple branches of VPS hosting have stayed alive on this cruel IT world. The best thing is to explain what are those benefits and consequently the best features of a VPS hosting company. There are four main benefits which then branch into sub-categories:

1. Stability – this benefit has been given thanks to the virtual environment that has been created for every customer (account) separately, just like in a dedicated server, making them isolated from all other customers.
2. Performance – The vast sharing of resources within the shared hosting company’s results always on your performance making your websites or other services, for which you have leased a server perform very slow, automatically impacting your business. With VPS that is also possible but only due to the administrators lack of attentions of distributing resources or sudden overload of customers on the service for which you leased server, which can been dealt with in minutes.
3. Resources – probably the greatest advantage of the VPS hosting, because you are not limited to a certain amount of resources that you use. CPU, HDD and RAM are all changeable to the conditions of your necessities, whether it is lowering your resources as your business drops, or increasing it to meet the customers’ demands.
4. Flexibility – you are not limited to one software or OS. The choice is yours to decide what kind of software will you use on the server you are been given. For example our servers give you pre-installed Microsoft Windows Server 2008 RC2, and a free control panel with most of the administration controls. The rest is up to you to decide what you need and to adapt the server to your wishes.

The benefits of using VPS hosting are enormous compared to shared hosting, and the disadvantages from dedicated server are only in performance as dedicated servers are intended for users that need extreme performance all the time, something most of us ‘mortals’ won’t get to feel in our lives. Now it is all up to you to decide which company will you chose for your hosting as there are different levels of managing a VPS, varying from the level of knowledge of the user. Most of the buyers generally decide themselves for the fully-managed VPS companies, because of few simple reasons:
• 24/7 online support in cases of server malfunction (physical server)
• Technical support for any newcomers which need explaining and instructions how to use their resources to their maximum and also calculating the best VPS plan depending on the needs and requirements of your business
• Regular back-ups through different ways securing your data from disaster, etc…
Even more benefits are available using this technology and it all depends on the level of knowledge of the user and of course the business you are into as every branch in the IT world has different requirements.

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