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VPS Hosting – Why It’s Better Than Shared Hosting

There are actually plenty of good reasons for this. Offshore Shared Hosting, Offshore VPS Hosting, Offshore Dedicated Server, they all have their benefit over each other, but the biggest benefits are seen when crossing from shared hosting to SSD VPS and the most affordable one too. The only benefit of shared hosting over VPS hosting is its cost. Shared hosting is the most affordable one, but it has a reason for being the cheapest one. The features of the shared hosting are:

– The resources that you use on shared hosting are all divided between multiple customers. RAM, CPU, HDD can all go short and fail you at any time if a person also using it abuses it in its personal causes, making every person on the server suffer for its mistake whether it is intentional or not.

– If someone abuses the resources it can automatically lead to a system shutdown and everybody on the server will face this problem as we are dealing with a single physical server. Until the problem is solved, everybody on that server is affected.

– The control over your applications and operating system is minimal, and the things you change are also set to a minimum.


Because of these reasons and some others more, people are migrating to another solution which has improved aspect of shared hosting. In fact it is almost like a dedicated server but with reduction in performance. VPS is a hosting solution for any person or company that needs individual control over its account, but as an administrator with every function available for changing, every application available for installing and installing the OS that you wish. The reasons for using VPS over shared hosting are a mile long, but let’s explain the most important ones:

– One of the reasons for using VPS of shared hosting is the level of performance you get with it. Like previously said, with shared hosting all of your resources are shared, but with VPS every resource that you posses, is yours that is it has been assigned by the VPS administrator to you and you are the only one who can use it. The reason for this is because of the virtual network used to create a VPS. VPS is in fact a dedicated server divided into multiple parts using a virtualization manager. On one physical server you get multiple servers you can then distribute to customers which need it. All of the created VPS on a single physical location are then completely isolated from each other, ensuring constant performance to the customers with the package they have selected.

– The control over your server is totally up to you, besides the maintenance of the server itself, for which the technicians are hired. As for the applications, OS, and the security it is all up to you to establish it yourself, however in a fully-managed environment (like ours) you can request for help at any time with the tech support, for any trouble or uncertainties that you might have.

– Because of the resources that you use are strictly yours the chances of infecting are put down to a minimum, in fact you can only infect yourself with viruses without proper protection.

– If you had a shared hosting account, then you have surely encountered mail spam issues, because of one individual person and it’s spamming over the internet. These kinds of problems are no more, unless you bring it up on yourself. Every account and server has its own unique IP address.

– Flexibility and reliability are on a whole different level from the shared hosting. With the flexibility you can change your resources at any time. What I meant to say is, if you a necessity of adding or deduction of some resource you can do it at any time, and the whole process is finished in minutes, without the complete physical server being shutdown. The only thing you have to do is log off out of your account while it has been finished, and after logging on, you have your additional resources available for usage, or you have less resources to use, depending what you need.

– VPS is a very reliable technology and is famous for its fail proof system. Depending on the company there are different ways in protecting your data from being lost. One of them is through RAID 10, which automatically copies your data to other storage space. This has showed a very successful way of keeping storage as in case of breakdown, the broken HDD is physically replaced after which the data is copied from the HDD that is set for data to be parallel written.

– Around the clock technical support which includes system monitoring, installing software updates, configuration of necessary software and other things, are all part of a good VPS hosting company and is one of many reasons why a VPS hosting is far better than the shared hosting.

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